Sarah Myers artist profile picture

     My art is part of a search for a different future - a very large future, one with more splendour, more beauty and far more light.

      The history of art and culture gives me encouragement in that I see the high points of great cultures were never accidental. They were most often the result of knowledgeable effort by groups and individuals working dilligently, inspired by good will toward posterity, toward humanity. So that I hope, unlikely as it may seem at times, I and those about me may live to see the better-tempered and better-designed world we are looking for.

      I was born in 1980 and have had pencil or clay in my hands almost since I can first remember. It was my sculptor mother who was responsible for those materials being there - her training continued through my childhood, and as I grew I trained myself as well on art books and images, honing my lines, trying to bring life to the inanimate lump of clay. Around 2003 I began to use my sister Amy Myers' clays, earthenwares and stonewares from formulas she invented for our projects. Years of experimentation increased my chances of coaxing accurate artistic expression from the raw materials.

      In the past five years I have been producing many minimalist line-drawings, mainly in charcoal. I found these an efficient way of capturing a passing idea or emotion. They are essentially messages to my friends and are usually shared immediately after creation when I post them to one social media platform or another. The range of subjects is not large - women in fashionable dress from antiquity up to now - imaginary portaits - animals that I see.

       My art is also now impacted by where I live in the desert, under a vast sky and incredibly intense sun. The light is the dream of an artist, yet carries with it a threat and sense of isolation that becomes inherent in any daily work. More recently I have been painting - and the brightness of the colours is not merely an expressive technique but a reflection of the harsh brilliance around me. Perhaps the hard black and white of my drawings and the captured motion of my sculptures speak of the same sunlit, stark surroundings - or, perhaps, rather of the reality inside my mind, a reality which in many ways matches those surroundings. Or perhaps, and most likely, all the lines, all the shapes, speak of the larger and more vivid future I hope for as I continue to create and to search.