Many of my paintings and drawings, like the artwork shown above, are for sale through my gallery on online designer platform Chairish.  Please feel free to visit!


Welcome to a gallery of my ceramic works, available directly through my studio.  For further details about any sculpture, please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page.  I will be happy to hear from you!  


Spring, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 12.5"

Eris with the Golden Apple, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 14.5"

Woman with a Book, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 15"

Condottiere, Sarah Myers.  Porcelaneous Stoneware, H 13.75"

The Cranach Hat, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 13"

Woman with a Tiny Bird, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 8.5"

Woman with a Water-jug, Sarah Myers.  Stoneware.

Kneeling Dancer, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta.

* Flowers are not included in sculpture

Woman with Shell Bowl, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta.

  *Flowers are not included in sculpture.

Woman with Basin, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 14.75"

*Flowers not included in sculpture.

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