Many of my paintings and drawings are for sale through my gallery on designer platform Chairish, or are available directly through my studio.  Feel free to visit my selections at Chairish, or message my studio through the contact form for details on any work of art. 



Welcome to a gallery of my ceramic works, available directly through my studio.  For further details about any sculpture, please contact me through the form at the bottom of this page.  I will be happy to hear from you!  


Spring, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 12.5"

Eris with the Golden Apple, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 14.5"

Woman with a Book, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 15"

Condottiere, Sarah Myers.  Porcelaneous Stoneware, H 13.75"

The Cranach Hat, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 13"

Woman with a Tiny Bird, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 8.5"

Woman with a Water-jug, Sarah Myers.  Stoneware.

Kneeling Dancer, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta.

* Flowers are not included in sculpture

Woman with Shell Bowl, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta.

  *Flowers are not included in sculpture.

Woman with Basin, Sarah Myers.  Terracotta, H 14.75"

*Flowers not included in sculpture.

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